$2000 or $1000

Atu lio cozah bawmhnak cu a ran khawh chung in US mipi sin ah phakter ding in President Trump nih Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin nawl a pek mi kong ah bia vaivuan um pah..

$2000 pek nan sila tiah thawngpang a thah mi zong nan um rua! March 17, 2020 ah US White House ah US ram ngunkeng Mnuchin nih a chim mi video a tanglei ah rak ngai cio uh!

Million dollars in a rum mi bel pek kan tim hna loh tiah fiangte in a chim, President Trump nih a von nawlh mi cu chungkhar pakhat ah $1000 cio hi cu a rannak in an sin ah phakter kan timh ati.
“The president has instructed me we have to do this now,” he said at the White House briefing. He didn’t give details except to say the amount should be significant and millionaires would not get it. The proposal requires approval from Congress.

Credit: Salai Cung Khenglawt

By Chuncha