Diector of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci nih US President le Vice President a si dingmi Joe Biden le Kamala Harris nih hawi hlan hmanh ah Virus Vaccine hi an i chunh ding a si tiah tuzing ah a chim.

Image may contain: 2 people, text that says "Fox News 7h. 7h NEWS LIVE After the first American was inoculated with a coronavirus vaccine on Monday, the nation's top infectious disease expert recommended that President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris should move toward the front of the line. i FOX NEWS 2 MIN READ Fauci says Biden, Harris should get COVID-19 vaccine ASAP 'for security reasons'"

President Donald Trump nih kum dih lai ah virus khamhnak si kan serchuah laiโ€™ tiah a rak chim, a chimning bantuk in an serchuah taktak. Asinan Democrats pawl nih cun kum khat hmanh tlin hlan i serchuahmi sii cu kan Pum caah ttihnung a si lai, kan i chun ngam lai LOโ€ tiah media tampi sin ah an rak chim. Asinain Atu ahcun anmah lila zong i chunh an hau cang. Ichunh an I nautet te hnga maw? kan zoh tuah hna lai cu ย Credit: Salai Lairam Thang

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Named TIME's 2020 Person Of The Year

Atu bantuk in thiltha a tuah tu hna kan hmuh hna tikah hin lawmh a um i, upat an tlak hrim ko. Hi hi Christmas nih a chuah pi mi lungput cu a si. Atin co tu caah thluachuah nak s ihram ko seh. Harsa Zual Pawl Kan Bawm Ding: Ram sungih um, kum upa, pitar le putar cawmtu ngaingai nei nawnlo, nauhak nulepa ih thihsan cawmtu ngaingai nei nawnlo le rualbanlopawl hrangah C-Ministry Team in Christmas laksawng kan tuahsak ding asi.

Himi hi, Chin mipi huap ih tuahmi asivekin, Laitlang, Lairawn le Kalay kiangkap ih a um, harsa zual tiih kan timi, a tlun ih kan tarlangmi vek, kan venghnen ah maw kan theihmi ah an um asile, C-Ministry Page Inbox ah in sim dingah kan duh zet asi.

Pitar le putar cawmtu neilo, nauhak nulepa ih thihsan cawmtu neilo le rualbanlopawl kan theihmi thuhla kimcang deuh in C-Ministry Page Inbox ah in kuat dingih cutin, an laksawng ding an hnenah แนญhaten a thlen theinak dingah C-Ministry Team pawlin kan tawlrel ding asi.

Zangfahten, comment ah le, mikip hmuh thei dingah ca in kuat lo hram dingah zangfah kan lo dil asi. Pehtlaihnak Ding Pawl: 1. C-Ministry Facebook Page (Inbox Message) ah 2. Phone ih pehtlaih duh hrang (Myanmar): 09448001267 Credit: C-Ministry

Note: Mipi sinah lunglawmhnak le zaangfah nawlnak: Thawngpang News kan tialmi a kan relpiak tu ka Miphun Chin/Laimi nan dihlak cungah lunglawmhnak tampi chim cawklo kan ngei. Thawngpang kan tialmi nan kan relpiaknak thawngin a dikmi le a hmaanmi thawngpang News kan thlah{Post}khawh hi mipi nan thawngin asi.

Thawngpang kan tialmi hi careltu mipi caah thathnemnak si hram seh tihi kan itinhmi asi. Chirhchanh {Source} kan lak hnu ah a dik mi asi lai tiah kan ruah mi kha kan Miphun Laimi Chinmi nih fawizang tein kan theih khawh cio nakhnga theihter khawh kan i zuam. Asinain vawleicung cu tlamtlinlonak a si caah chirhchanh Source kan lakmi tete hi a dik lomi a um khawh caah a dik lomi thawngpang a si tiah nan ruahmi kha zeitik caan paoh ah theihter khawh kan si i, kanmah lei zong in a dikmi thawngpang tial khawh le kan palhmi remh khawh kan i zuam lai.

Mipi nih theih ve hna seh ti na duhmi, thawngpang News siseh, Pathian bia siseh, siaherhnak bia in siseh, capar biazai le theihtlai pawl tialpiak ding a um ahcun zeitik caan poah ah tialpiak le thlahpiak khawh zong a si. Nan dihlak cungah lunglawmhnak le zaangfah nawlnak he- Lungleng Tlang Editor.

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