👉VP Mike Pence a Press Secretary asi mi Katie Miller cu Positive asi ve cang. Mike Pence cu mask a hmang tawn lo caah zawtnak hna ka ngeih ve sual ahcun mi ka chawnh sual hna lai tiin self quarantine ai tuah. A fit ngai mi Katie Miller cu kan hnuzarh Friday khan Positive asi theih asi.

👉New York khuapi ah hngakchia zawtnak a karh i a thi mi pathum an si cang. Hi zawtnak hi Covid-19 zawtnak cu a si lo nain Covid he ai pehtlai mi zawtnak a si kho tiah tiah an ruah. NY khua ahcun a karh pah cang i hngakchia 100 leng an zaw cang.

Atang lei bantuk in kan fale an si sual ahcun Doctor call cawlh ding.Chungleh, luakchuah, chungtlik, Rau nawn in umnak- an hmai, an hmur, an kutdong a sen nawn ah siseh, cun an tang fah pah ahcun an Doctor te chawnh piak cawlh ding asi lai tiah Dr. Howard Zucker nih tuzing (05/12/20) ah a chim.

“I would tell parents that if your child has any nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, pallor – the color of their face changing, the color of their lips and fingers – if they have any chest pains… they should call their doctor and they need to be evaluated,” said New York Health Commissioner and paediatric cardiologist Dr. Howard Zucker.

Dr. Zucker has named this illness paediatric multisystem inflammatory syndrome.

Ref: Albik Lian Zathang

By Chuncha